Virgin of the Birds – Winter Seeds

Virgin of the Birds - Winter Seeds

ALR20 – $14.00 – Vinyl LP with download code

Also available digitally from iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other fine outlets. For vinyl in the UK, see our friends at Song, By Toad Records.

  1. They Wake
  2. Let Me Be Your Bride
  3. Every Revelry
  4. Nine Sisters
  5. From Peking
  6. Love Comes from Centaurs
  7. The Serpent Plume
  8. Drunk on Grudges
  9. The Talisman and Siobhan
Winter Seeds collects 9 songs marked by shimmering reverb, attentive lyrics and general apocrypha. Named after a poor English translation of a Salvador Dali painting, Virgin of the Birds treads a line between intimate, lo fi pop and the occasional grandeur of early art rock. Jon Rooney brought a collection of songs to record at Colin J Nelson’s Her Car studio in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, where Nelson added drums and background vocals while also engineering the sessions. Joining on bass during recording was inventive veteran Marc Laurick. The trio spent much of 2013 rehearsing and playing live around Seattle. In April 2014 Song, By Toad Records will release Winter Seeds in both digital and vinyl formats in the UK while Rooney’s Abandoned Love Records will cover the USA. Virgin of the Birds will perform live in various configurations (solo, trio, expanded bands) in various places in support of Winter Seeds.


…the reined-in performances and simplicity of the songs training the focus on an uncommon grasp of adroit, heartfelt songcraft that sets Rooney on track to follow the likes of Bill Callahan and David Berman into the pantheon of awkward, visionary American outsiders. Essential. – Herald Scotland

Virgin of the Birds’ first LP, Winter Seeds, is the strongest debut album I’ve heard from a singer songwriter since 2009’s Good News from Withered Hand. It is a career maker. …It is immediately accessible and complete in voice, and it will have an impact with whoever hears it. - Ball of Wax


Herald Scotland, Seattle Weekly, When You Motor Away, Ball of Wax, Whisperin’ & Hollerin’, Americana UK, Side One Track One, Sounds XP, Man on the Moon, das klienicum

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